Michael Pys on WGN Living Healthy Chicago


by Dorothy J., March 25, 2016

Dr. Pys has been treating my frozen shoulder for the past couple of months. I am 90 % better and empowered by the knowledge she shared with me. I learned about my poor sitting habits, my gait, and my compensating for chronic pain. Now I know how to prevent the injury from recurring and stay well. She is not just book smart. Dr. Pys is a compassionate and understanding physician. I highly recommend Dr. Pys.

by Margaret D., on April 3, 2016

Dr. Barbara is a unique practitioner. Not only does she know what she is doing as a chiropractor, but her holistic approach to the body and her knowledge of many manual therapy techniques, complements her common sense, knowledge of the body and friendly and sunny personality. Whenever I have an ache or a problem after my exercises, she will not only address the pain, but she will review my routine and correct my biomechanics, so I wouldn’t repeat the same mistake and hurt myself. Thank you!